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Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors Protection & Easy Glide 2020

10 Best Chair Mats to Protect Hardwood Floors ReviewsSturdy designed chair mats come up as the best option for those looking out to protect their smooth shiny hardwood floors from unpleasant scratches that happen due to the rolling of chair casters.

Such mats are also good for those who get annoyed during work because of irritating piercing noise that the rolling chair wheels produce; Chair Mats arise as the most ideal solution!

Yet, not all the chair mats out there are capable of solving this grim problem.

For this reason it is certainly essential to look out for the best chair mats for hardwood floors that could provide you ease and comfort while you work in your office or at your home!

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Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors 2020 | Protection & Easy Glide

Here you will find the top 10 best chair mats for wooden floors that have been proven to work up to the expectations!

So… there you go!

TIP ALERT: Take into consideration the point that you will not be able to find all your desired features in one single product. So be flexible enough to make a little compromise to reach near to your preference domain.

1. MuArts Chair Mat
MuArts Beveled Edges Chair Mat
  • Decent thickness protect hard floors
  • Adhere securely to the floor
  • Effortless movement of chair
2. Ilyapa Mat
Ilyapa Extra Large Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor
  • Crystal clear transparent design
  • Built to last longer
  • Slip & scuff resistant top
3. New MuArts Mat
MuArts Heavy Duty Thickest Chair Mat Wood Floor
  • Crystal clear design
  • Heavy duty & durable
  • Suitable for carpet or hard floor
4. Lesonic Mat
Lesonic Non-Skid Chair Mat for Wooden Floor
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Textured design prevent slipping
  • Full money back guarantee
5. Sharewin Mat
Sharewin Chair Mat for Hard Floor
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Can sustain heavy loads
6. Kuyal Mat
Kuyal Transparent Chair Mat for Wood Floor
  • Best chair for heavy person
  • Went down flat on the floor
  • Provide smooth gliding of chair
7. Mushyn Mat
Mushyn Anti Fatigue Chair Mat Office Desk
  • Scratch and tear resistant
  • Has an Anti-fatigue cushioned foam
  • Effective in reducing stress
8. Somolux Chair Mat
Somolux Mat for Gaming Chair and Computer Desk
  • Best for all hard floorings
  • Highly transparent design
  • Protect wooden floors effectively
9. Lorell Chair Mat
Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat
  • Support heavy loadings
  • Absolutely flat and rigid
  • Super strong and sturdy
10. Rose Home Mat
Rose Home Hard Floor Mat for Computer Chair
  • No toxic material
  • Beautiful transparent design
  • Has decent thickness

1. MuArts Beveled Edges Chair Mat

MuArts Beveled Edges Chair MatYou might probably be well aware of the fact that well-functioning chair mats for hardwood floor, must be capable of averting scrapes on the floor that occur because of the chair wheels.

Just like this thick fiber knotted chair mat from Crystal Clear, most of such mats are manufactured using the glass transparency technique.

Though that definitely looks alluring and compliments the floor too if the material does Check Latest Price on Amazonnot have enough resilience, the mat may be of no good use!!

This chair mat by crystal clear is composed using the toughest PVC, with each of its components well bonded with each other to form a perfect blend. A thickness of 1/8 inch is also there to provide sufficient resistance against chair casters and heavyweight.

Mat’s beveled edges make sure it does not curl at the sides while you rotate your office chair above it. The size is adequate, with the longer side being 47 inches. However, the mat can serve one chair at a time only.

The base of the chair mat is capable of getting adhered to the hardwood floor as soon as it is placed. The mat is also sufficiently slip resistant hence make sure that you are in complete comfort while working in your office or home.

  • Made of BPA & phthalate free material
  • Thick & heavy compared to other mats
  • Protect floor from damage
  • Comes with 12-month warranty
  • Require frequent maintenance


2. Ilyapa Extra Large Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Ilyapa Extra Large Office Chair Mat for Hardwood FloorCustomization always works wonders! Since it gives its customers a free hand of selecting the defined product that will suit them the best. And when it is about a chair mat, what can be better than being given the choice of selecting from several size options available?

This chair mat from Ilyapa comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the option of including or excluding the lip part too!

It is always good when a chair mat is accompanied with an additional lip, but sometimesCheck Latest Price on Amazon it might feel useless, specifically when you do not have an open-fronted desk at the workplace.

The bottom base of this chair mat is smooth, so that it makes a good connection with the hardwood floor. Not only the hardwood type, but this chair mat is also capable of functioning best to its abilities when used on tiled, laminated, concreted, as well as vinyl floors.

The top surface is slightly textured as to restrain unnecessary movements over the chair mat. The mat is transparent and has got beveled edges for protection too. It is easy to clean since the PVC material is stain resistant and can be wiped off using a soapy cloth.

Durable enough to last for a couple of years! I will suggest you check out this best chair mat for the wood floor.

  • Available in 7 different sizes
  • Features slip-resistant backing
  • Good choice for hardwood, tile, laminate floor
  • Super tough and durable
  • Gives a cheap look


3. MuArts Heavy Duty Thickest Chair Mat Wood Floor

MuArts Heavy Duty Thickest Chair Mat Wood FloorYet another amazing product by the Crystal Clear! This chair mat is an updated version of the one I just reviewed above. Apparently, it seems to be very similar to the previous version, but in real significant modifications have been done to this best chair mat for hardwood floor.

Let’s dig inside to get to know more about it!

Composed of heavy-duty, non-toxic, sturdy and firm material that could withstand bulkCheck Latest Price on Amazon loading of as much as 1400 lbs! Is not that too surprising? You could even place a metallic chair upon it, and it will not break or crack.

The mat is about 1/5 inches thick and transparent as crystal. Sloppy edges have also been provided to ensure the complete safety of the user while using this mat. This mat also does not absorb water, so do not worry if you accidentally spill some fluid upon it.

One particular thing you have to take care of, is that MAKE SURE the rolling castors of your chair wheel are not pointy or rough’ because that may affect the appearance of the mat. Rest assured, a quality guaranteed office chair mat for hardwood floor!

  • Able to withstand 1400 pounds of load
  • Won’t curl or crack
  • Best mat for plush carpet & wooden floors
  • A bit heavy on the pocket


4. Lesonic Non-Skid Chair Mat for Wooden Floor

Lesonic Non-Skid Chair Mat for Wooden FloorOften dragging your chair over the mat takes substantial effort due to which you start feeling leg fatigue.

This office chair mat is made with considerable efforts so that you’re chair wheels and the mat’s surface get compatible with one another and provide you with the best of comfort while you work in your office or your home.

The material used in composing this chair mat is polyethylene, which is 100% PVC free Check Latest Price on Amazonand sturdy enough not to let any loading break through it.

As you will probably be knowing, polyethylene has got good engineering properties when it is about strength against compression. Hence despite the minimum thickness, the mat will not compress.

It is available in a solid black color that will add up more to your hardwood office floor.

It is not recommended to use this mat for thick carpet or textured floors.

And yes! Its layered back surface protects the floor, and certainly will not let any scratches to be produced on it due to the metallic chair wheels.

Also, this is an anti-slip chair mat. The protection and safety of the customer are also guaranteed, apart from the company’s money-back guarantee! What else are you in search for?

  • Made of odorless & toxic free material
  • Won’t bend, crack, or break
  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • Limited size option


5. Sharewin Chair Mat for Hard Floor

Sharewin Chair Mat for Hard FloorFor all those looking for an excellent sized durable and quality guaranteed chair mat, this will be your best bet!

I am not saying such because of its extravagant features but the hard work put inside to make it capable enough of serving its customers up to their expectations.

The mat is composed using PVC but is free from BPA and all toxic substances. The plastic material of this mat is temperature resistant too. Hence it can endure all the heat coming Check Latest Price on Amazonup from the hardwood floor.

This chair mat can also be placed on the tiled and concreted floor. However not suitable to be used upon textured and uneven surfaces.

The size of this mat is 59 by 47 inches, large enough to cover up the entire area around your office desk. It does not have an additional lip incorporated into the shape of the mat.

One major drawback I found out while researching this product was that the PVC material was only provided with a thickness of 1.5mm, which is not a good figure when we talk about tough and durable mats.

However, the company claims that the mat will not break or crack under pressure. Probably the mat’s material has been manufactured hard enough to provide adequate resistance against compression!

Comes up with an automatic 1 year warranty! A fair option to go for.

  • Its thickness protect floor from scratches & marks
  • Strong grip prevent sliding
  • Easy to clean stains and spills
  • Catch dirt and dust


6. Kuyal Transparent Chair Mat for Wood Floor

Kuyal Transparent Chair Mat for Wood FloorThis chair mat has been particularly designed to function best when placed on the hardwood floors.

With a size variation ranging from 48 inches to 59 inches long, you can select the one suiting your office desk requirement. The option of the lip is also available for the open-fronted office desks.

The mat is about 0.07 inches thick, but still capable of responding excellently against heavy loadings. The material used in manufacturing is PVC, with the top surface designed Check Latest Price on Amazonto be a bit textured.

The purpose of doing such is to promote a controlled movement of your office chair upon the chair mat.

On unboxing, you may find the edges of the mat a bit curled, but there is nothing to worry about because placing some load on the edges for a few hours will make them flat.

Non-slip backing is another feature added to ensure the protection of not only the floor but also the customer. A transparent glass design chair mat durable enough to last for a couple of years!

This chair mat that will not scratch or crack under regular use. I will not recommend you to place a heavy metallic chair upon the mat, because that may cause the mat to look dull after considerable usage.

A good protector for your office floor, stain proof, and easy to clean as well!

  • Available in six different sizes
  • Extra thickness prevent damage to hard floor
  • Back of mat has anti-slide coating
  • Release odor for a few days


7. Mushyn Anti Fatigue Chair Mat Office Desk

Mushyn Anti Fatigue Chair Mat Office DeskA double-layered anti-fatigue chair mat for a wooden floor that comes up with a lifetime warranty!

With an average size range of 40×36 inches and a thickness of 0.6 inches, this chair mat by Mushyn has won the hearts of many people!

However, I do not suggest you to check out this review if you are low on the budget because you cannot get a multi-purpose product at a normal price value.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Talking about its generic construction, Mushyn has used the most strategic design while composing this chair mat. The top layer is made of PVC, with the highest impact strength against bulk loads. I would love to share, and it is one of the best chair mats for heavy people.

NBR Anti-fatigue foaming system has been embedded in the core layer of this mat. Both these layers are secured by the bottom base, contributing most to the thickness and its adequate slip-resistant.

A lip portion is also inserted, to let your chair safely glide inside the open-fronted desks.

This mat can also be used as an anti-fatigue mat for standing desk, giving your feet the relaxation they demand. Make sure you do not stand upon it with heeled footwear. That may affect the overall appearance of the mat’s surface.

The color is solid black that could compliment your hardwood flooring excellently! Do check this one out.

  • Mat with anti-fatigue footrest
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Slip-resistant backing
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Requires regular maintenance otherwise look dusty
  • A bit expensive


8. Somolux Mat for Gaming Chair and Computer Desk

Somolux Mat for Gaming Chair and Computer DeskExcept for thick carpet floors, this best chair mat suits all different floorings, including hardwood, ceramic tile, laminated, concreted, vinyl, and many others.

This mat can protect your lavish floorings from scratches that might occur because of the rolling castors of office chairs.

It is composed of pure PVC with firm fibers bonded together to provide the necessary strength. The material though, is plastic, but the chair wheels would not produce any Check Latest Price on Amazonannoying sound while moving and rotating upon the mat’s surface.

The mat’s base is smooth, to enable it to adhere properly with the wooden flooring. However, the exposed top is slightly textured to allow traction and facilitate controlled movement. Also, the mat is water-resistant and will not absorb water spilled upon it or nearby.

Make sure not to place the mat directly above the watery surface. This may cause the anti-slip backing not to function properly, resulting in insecure conditions and consequently, injuries.

This mat comes up transparent hence it can flatter flooring of all types and colors. For any dissatisfaction, after purchase, the company has given an open offer to contact them back so that they could resolve the issue.

More flexible and sturdy than any other mat in the same price range!

  • It will not crack, curl or break
  • Made of environmental friendly material
  • Sturdy and fits well in a workspace
  • Available in one size only


9. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair MatIt is one of the best chair mats by the Lorell’s, composed of tough tempered glass to provide more resistance against heavy chair and person!

The glass material used in manufacturing this product was tested beforehand to ensure it won’t break or crack under standard usage.

The appearance seems delicate but does not confuse it with the mat’s strength. It is available in three sizes ranging from as small as 36 inches up to as large as 60 inches.Check Latest Price on Amazon

The thickness of this mat is 0.25 inches that are relatively better than other chair mats composed of tempered glass. I will suggest you not wear heeled shoes while using the mat because such may lead to the top surface being scratched, resulting in a dull outlook.

It is easy to clean and manage. Also, the top surface is stainproof, so you can quickly wipe it up using wet cloth whenever needed.

A major drawback I found out in this nonslip chair mat for hardwood floors was the smooth top surface that does not offer any friction to the office chair’s rolling casters.

Such an uncontrolled movement of the chair above the mat might be an annoying feature for certain people. Other than that, it is an ideal choice to go for!

  • Made of scratch-resistant material
  • Suitable for any type of flooring
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Feels cold on bare feet


10. Rose Home Hard Floor Mat for Computer Chair

Rose Home Hard Floor Mat for Computer ChairWant to test the durability and toughness of this chair mat?

Hold it vertically, and you will notice that every single inch of the mat will stay in the same shape and position as when placed horizontally! Not all polycarbonate chair mats are capable of depicting such resilience.

Apart from durability, the overall layout of this chair mat is also pretty impressive. Transparent glass-like appearance with nicely shaped edges and a good choice of sizes!Check Latest Price on Amazon

You will be provided with three different sizing options, keeping the same length as 48 inches and varying widths according to your desk’s size and other usage requirements.

The top layer is a bit textured’ just like in all other PVC composed chair mats. This will restrict unnecessary chair movement across the chair mat and enable you to work with more focus.

Its thickness is limited to 0.05 inches, but the material will not even be slightly crippled under the typical usage.

Remember to make sure that you use this mat upon the hardwood flooring only since it will not be able to function properly upon any other floor type. ‘A’ grade in performance; don’t forget to check this fine chair mat out!

  • Specially designed for hardwood floors
  • Free from all toxic substances
  • Three different sizes to choose from
  • Not completely slip-resistant



Whether it is about chair mats or floor mats durability is one crucial component that must be kept as a priority while making a selection or a purchase. But do you know how you can best know about the permanence of a particular product? Not merely by reading out reviews from other customers but also by making proper research regarding the material composition of the product can be the key to many of your answers.

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