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10 Best Mats for Cat Litter to Control Mess [September 2020]

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Mats to Control MessIf you have a kitty at home, you will be aware of what a cat litter can do to your floor, carpet, sofa, or bed. You need to take some timely precautionary measures to protect the interior of your house from the dirt and debris created by your feline friend.

One of the most ideal ways used by most of the pet owners is the use of best cat litter mats. Now for those who don’t know what cat litter mat is? Here is some basic information for you:

A litter mat is a piece of a mat made of PVC, rubber, microfiber, etc. that captures pine pellets, silica gel crystal granules, and other debris and prevent it from scattering all around the house by your little darling.

As per our research, Gorilla Grip Original premium cat litter mat is the best litter mats for pets. It has a comfortable surface, prevents tracks by catching litter particles effectively, last but not least, it is extremely easy to clean.

You must be thinking about how you can choose the right litter mat for your kitty? Well, we understand it is quite a tough job because not every pet dirt mat is worth buying. To help you guys, we have posted a detailed buying guide that will be very helpful for you in picking the best mat for your pet.

What are the Best Mats for Cat Litter | Reviews & Buying Guide

Without further ado, let’s discuss in detail the features, pros, and cons of the 10 best pet litter mats that you can use to keep your home neat, clean and free from cat litters.

1. Gorilla Grip Litter Mat
Gorilla Grip Litter Mat for Cats - Durable & Water Resistant
  • Trap all types of litter
  • Gentle on cat paws
  • Non slip backing

2. Easyology Cat Litter Mat
Easyology Best Cat Litter Box Mat with Scatter Control
  • Catch 37% more litter
  • Easy to vacuum litter out
  • Rubber base protect floor

3. BlackHole Litter Mat
BlackHole Litter Mat for Large Cats
  • Extra durable and soft
  • Catch tiny litter effectively
  • Large in size
4. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat
Pawkin Cat Litter Mat – Heavy Duty and Non Slip
  • Capture litter effective
  • Very soft for your cats paws
  • Keeps your floors clean
5. iPrimio Jumbo Size Mat
iPrimio Jumbo Size, Waterproof Cat Litter Mat
  • Effectively repels urine
  • Multilayer cat litter mat
  • Very easy to clean & wash
6. Smiling Paws Litter Mat
Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat - Tear & Scratch Proof
  • Scratch and tear proof
  • Deeper loofah catch more litter
  • Highly affordable
7. LittleTiger Cat Litter Mat
LittleTiger Cat Litter Tray Mat
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Non-slip and leak proof back
  • Very soft & highly durable
8. Pieviev Urine Proof Mat
Pieviev Urine Proof Cat Litter Mat
  • Honeycomb design trap more litter
  • Water and urine won't soak in
  • Free from non-toxic materials
9. WePet Kitty Litter Mat
WePet Kitty Litter Trapping Mat
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Traps 90% of cat litter
  • Extra thick and comfortable
10. Vivaglory Cat Litter Mat
Vivaglory Soft and Mess Control Cat Litter Mat
  • Great litter trapping design
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Prevent urine from soaking

1. Gorilla Grip Litter Mat for Cats – Durable & Water Resistant

Gorilla Grip Litter Mat for Cats - Durable & Water ResistantGorilla Grip Original is a premium quality cat litter mat and is the number one choice of cat owners. Keeping in view the need of the users, the company offers two different sizes of mats one is large (35″ x 23″), and the other is Jumbo (47″ x 35″).

Gorilla Grip is one of the known brands in the market for producing top quality, long-lasting mats and same you can expect from Gorilla Grip cat litter mat. It is made of 100% phthalate-free material and is not only highly durable but also very soft on your kitty paws.

The company has intelligently used a great balance of deep grooves and tight mesh, which effectively captures pine, clay, pellet, and other litter from the cat paws or the one that she kicks out of the litter and prevents scattering of garbage in the house.

From the looks of its top surface, you might be thinking that it will trap the paws of your kitten, but believe me, it won’t. In fact, its upper layer is gentle on the sensitive paws of your darling.

If your cat likes to scratch, don’t worry because this nice litter mat is tear-resistant and ideal for both clawed and de-clawed cats.

The base of the mat is slip-resistant, so there will be no sliding of the mat, and it won’t be easy for your furry friend to drag the mat, which means all the litter stays on the meshy surface of the mat.

You can remove all the litter, dirt, and debris by simply shaking the mat, or vacuuming it. Furthermore, this mat is water-resistant, and you can wash it to get rid of bad odor. Always use soap and water for washing and, after doing so, place it in the open air.

  • Extremely soft and durable
  • Trap all kind of litter small/large
  • 100% phthalate free material
  • Available in variety of sizes and color
  • Small litter can get stuck in the mesh


2. Easyology Best Cat Litter Box Mat with Scatter Control

Easyology Best Cat Litter Box Mat with Scatter ControlEasyology is one of the top brands, which is known for producing excellent quality pet products. Easyology cat litter mat is large, extra thick, and made of pet-friendly material. The primary material used in the manufacturing of this item is BPA and phthalate-free PVC, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

Woven fibers on the top of mat catch 37% more litter as compared to other pet mats. When placed inside the cat litter box, its large size ensures that your darling won’t walk out of the box without stepping on it.

In this way, it captures debris and rubbish and assures that your house remains clean and tidy from the mess.

Top surface of the mat provides decent cushioning and comfort to your kitty’s sensitive paws. Furthermore, the claws of your cat won’t tangle in the upper surface, and she can move around the mat freely without getting irritated.

The only flaw in the design of the mat is, it is difficult to identify whether the cat has urinated on the mat or not. The only way to determine it is by smelling the mat. You can take care of this issue by taking advantage of the water-resistant feature by washing the mat.

Easyology litter mat is equipped with rubber backing, which not only prevents it from skidding but also protects your floor from odd stains and discolors. It will remain in its place and stops the cat from bombing the rubbish.

Removal of a tiny granule of crystal and pine litter is easy as pie. You can tap the mat against the wall to get rid of most of the debris. For removing bad stains and odor, use lukewarm water and soap or detergent, and after washing, let the mat dry at least for a day.

  • Good for large litter boxes
  • Capture 37% more particles of litter
  • Sticks well to the floor
  • The mat is water resistant
  • Difficult to identify liquid mess


3. BlackHole Litter Mat for Large Cats

BlackHole Litter Mat for Large CatsIf you have a big size or a pair of cats at your home, the BlackHole cat litter mat is an ideal choice for you. It is a rectangular shape mat sizing 30″ x 23″ x 0.5″. The EVA foam rubber material used in the construction of this kitty mat is comfortable, completely safe, and pet friendly.

This pet litter catching mat has a dual-layer, pocket like the design. Its Upper surface of the mat has round holes that are soft on kitten paws and scratch resistant as well. Small litter particles released from the cat paws are directed to the second layer of the mat.

The second layer of the mat opens like a pocket from one end, which means you can remove all the dirt and debris stored inside it.

One major drawback of this pet mat is, it fails to capture large particles of the litter because the holes on top are a bit smaller in size.

The bottom surface sticks nicely to the floor, which prevents your furry friend to drag and spread the crystal, wheat, and pellets particles around the house. It immediately traps the dirt and debris attached to the little paws as your pet exits the litter box.

Cleaning of the BlackHole litter mat is extremely easy. You can use water and soap to remove dirt marks and get rid of bad odor from the mat. The only problem in washing this item is, it takes a lot of time to dry.

  • Made of heavy duty EVA rubber foam
  • Capture tiny granules effectively
  • Suitable for large cats
  • Scratch and slip resistant
  • Drying after wash takes a lot of time


4. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat – Heavy Duty and Non Slip

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat – Heavy Duty and Non SlipPawkin cat litter mat is a budget-friendly choice for those who are looking for something economical. The first thing that pops in everyone’s head is low price means poor quality, but this is not the case with this mat for the litter box.

This debris and clay capturing mat is made of phthalate, BPA free top quality PVC material. The combination of premium quality material and intelligent design makes it sturdier and last longing. Furthermore, its large size also ensures that all the litter stays on the mat, keeping your home free from the garbage.

Pawkin patented ‘Litter Lock’ technology and highly dense sponge-like surface makes it more effective in capturing pine, crystal, and clumping litter, and much softer on the cat claws as compared to other mats. Your kitty will love playing around on this mat without her paws getting stuck in the mesh.

Being heavy-duty and slip-resistant, it stays nicely on the floor and makes it difficult for your feline friend to move the mat and spread the litter around. But if you have a big cat, this mat may slip a bit.

When it comes to cleaning of this mat, it is a tad tough to remove tiny granules of the litter because it gets locked inside the mesh of the mat. This feature can be pro for some and con for others.

You can shake or vacuum the mat to clean the dirt and debris. The mat is water-resistant, so a combination of water and soap will help you to remove bad stains and pee smell from the mat.

  • Litter Lock technology traps more litter
  • Designed for cat’s sensitive paws
  • Heavy duty, sturdy, and durable
  • Budget friendly
  • A bit difficult to remove small litter
  • Limited color option


5. iPrimio Jumbo Size, Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

iPrimio Jumbo Size, Waterproof Cat Litter MatAnother good option for trapping cat litter is a jumbo size mat from iPrimio. It is 32 inches by 30 inches big, which ensures that your sweetheart steps on it when coming out of the litter box.

It has a multi-layered folding design with large holes on the top. When your litter friend walks out of the litter box, all the dirt attached to the paws will be captured and slipped into the bottom layer of the mat, preventing kitty tracks and dirt from around the house. There is nothing to worry about if your cat misses the litter box because the patented ‘Plastic Film’ technology acts great in repelling pee and deter odor.

None of the above-listed products have this feature.

Furthermore, the surface of the mat is soft and gentle, and your cat will love walking and resting on it without any irritation.

Apart from having a unique litter capturing technology, the mat is extremely lightweight, and its open-edge design also allows you to place litter pads in between the top and a bottom layer, which is mandatory for cats who are a bit messy in nature.

It is super easy to clean crystal, pine, clay, and other dirt particles from the mat. You can easily lift the top layer and clean all the litter on the bottom surface. For the top surface, you can use a vacuum or shake it to remove all the dirt.

This cat litter box mat is also waterproof, and there is nothing to worry about if it catches bad stains because you can wash it under shower head after applying soap. After cleaning, it will look like new.

  • Trap all types of litter, no matter large or small
  • Its plastic film repel pee and deter bad smell
  • Has an extra smooth surface
  • Completely waterproof
  • Less durable compared to other top mats


6. Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat – Tear & Scratch Proof

Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat - Tear & Scratch ProofIf you are looking for a cat litter tray mat, which is budget-friendly and durable at the same time, you should go for Smiling Paws pet litter mat. Made of premium quality toxic-free material makes its usage highly safe for the pets. It weighs 3.6 lbs, slightly heavier than other mats, but this is the factor which makes it sturdier.

When it comes to trapping litter, its sponge design and deep loofah let it effectively capture more dirt from kitty paws when she exits litter box or litter. The thick surface of the mat provides a gentle touch to your cat paws, and if your pussycat likes to scratch, don’t worry; this litter mat is tear and scratch-resistant as well.

One of the features that most of the users like the most are, this mat doesn’t absorb pee. Its top and laminated bottom are perfectly sealed, which prevent liquids from soaking in into the mat.

Like other mats we have discussed so far, this one also has got no-slip back, and it won’t slide or skid when your kitty walks on it. It is a must-have feature in the litter mats because this can very help full in controlling the litter from spreading in the house.

For quick removal of clay, pine, corn, crystal litter particles, you can use a vacuum cleaner, and if your mat is releasing bad odor of urine, simply use soap and place it under the running water for a while, your mat will come out as a fresh piece.

The company offers four different colors to choose from, making it easier for you to match your home flooring.

  • Tear & scratch resistant
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Urine won’t soak in
  • Budget friendly litter mat
  • Tiny granules of litter get stuck in the twisting fibers


7. LittleTiger Cat Litter Tray Mat

LittleTiger Cat Litter Tray MatNext up in the list is another top cat litter mat from LittleTiger. This litter trapping mat is made of phthalate and BPA free PVC material, and at the same time, it is available at a highly economical price.

The size of the mat is 47-inch long x 36 inches wide, makes it suitable for multiple cats, and is available in two colors; black and grey.

Cat litter contains bacteria that are harmful to the little members of the family and can cause them illness. The beautiful design and looped mesh of LittleTiger are not only good looking but also capable of capturing all types of litter particles, thus keeping your home clean from and prevent illness to anyone.

Your pussycat will love the dense cushioning of the mat because it is extremely soft, and she would love walking, playing, and resting on it.

It comes with a non-slip backing and remains firm on its place, whether it is inside a litter box or placed next to the litter tray. Furthermore, the back of the mat is completely leakproof, so you don’t need to worry because your floor won’t catch kitty urine marks.

A brush or vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the garbage from the mat. Additionally, it is washable as well, and you can use soap and lukewarm water for the removal of tough stains. Machine wash and tussling is not recommended because it will damage the design of the mat.

The best part is LittleTiger offers a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee.

  • Made of phthalate free material
  • Prevent litter tracks effectively
  • Has leakproof back
  • Easy to remove dirt & debris
  • Cleaning is a bit tough


8. Pieviev Urine Proof Cat Litter Mat

Pieviev Urine Proof Cat Litter MatYou are going to love the way Pieviev cat litter mat catch the particles of crystal, clay, and pine and ensures your home remains neat and tidy. A mat made of non-toxic EVA material guarantees its usage is safe for pets and is highly durable as well.

The design of the mat is similar to the BlackHole litter mat; the only difference between the two; this one has got large holes. The large size of the mat and its intelligently made multi-layer design ensures that the litter doesn’t touch the floor.

Whenever the cat exits litter tray or box, all the dirt attached to her paws will slip through the large holes of the mat to the bottom layer. The best thing is, this product is very efficient in catching large as well as small particles of litters.

The front side of the mat will provide an extremely comfortable experience for your cat. In addition to that, this layer is urine proof as well, if your pet misses the box, there is nothing to worry about because the pee will not seep into your floor.

If we talk about other features, this kitten litter mat from Pieviev is incredibly lightweight.

The company claims this mat is slip-resistant, but its resistance is not up to the mark because it does slip a bit when the kitty jumps out of the litter box or tray and lands on the surface of the mat.

Cleaning this litter mat is easy as pie, you can easily dump all the dirt and debris accumulated between the top and bottom layer in a litter box. If it catches any tough stain, you can wash it with water and soap.

  • Made of chemicals free material
  • Double layer design catch litter effectively
  • Extremely lightweight & waterproof
  • Very easy to clean
  • Not completely slip-resistant


9. WePet Kitty Litter Trapping Mat

WePet Kitty Litter Trapping MatWePet cat litter is another excellent choice if you are looking for a litter mat for small spaces that prevents the scattering of crystal, clumping, and pine in the house.

It is made of premium quality EVA, which 100% eco-friendly and free from all kinds of toxic material. Its dual-layer design and honeycomb holes capture and lock the litter effectively. It starts trapping the litter particles as soon your kitty paws hit the surface of the mat.

The dirt falls on top layer passes through the hole and gets accumulated into the bottom layer of the mat. Furthermore, its leather edging prevents leakage of liquid and protects your floor from bad pee stains and odor. It ensures that the dirt and debris don’t spread around.

It is super durable and tear-resistant as well. Your furry friend claws won’t damage the surface of the mat. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 inches, which takes care of the sensitive paws of your little darling.

Non-skid backing makes sure that the mat doesn’t slip or slide when your pet jumps out of the litter tray or walks on it. It stays firm in a place where you put it.

You can pour out litter quickly from the side opening of the mat. Shaking or vacuuming the top surface will remove all the garbage from it. WePet cat litter mat is water-resistant, and it won’t rip or tear if you wash it, but removing stains from it is a bit tough.

  • Made of premium quality EVA material
  • Unique honeycomb design capture litter efficiently
  • Won‎’t slip or slide on the floor
  • Soft and gentle on kitty paws
  • Cleaning is a bit tough


10. Vivaglory Soft and Mess Control Cat Litter Mat

Vivaglory Soft and Mess Control Cat Litter MatVivaglory litter mat is another good option if you want to control your pet mess, it is truly a cat litter mats that work. This mat is large with 35″ length and 23″ width. The company offers 8 different colors to choose from, and you can easily pick a one that matches your litter tray or box.

Top-quality PVC material used in the manufacturing of this pet litter mat, which ensures its stability and makes it long-lasting. On the front of the mat, you will find deep grooves and tight mesh that locks the litter inside it as soon your pet paws touch the surface of the mat.

In addition to that, the mat is thick, comfortable, and its mesh won’t catch your kitty claws and prevent discomfort. In fact, she is going to love it when her paws touch the surface of the mat.

Another great feature of this mat is its waterproof capability, which prevents urine or any other liquid from soaking and protecting the floor from pee stains. Usage of this mat ensures that your floor remains clean and free from kitten litter.

You can tap the mat against the wall, shake it, or use a vacuum to remove all clumping, crystal, clay particles. If it is releasing a bad pee odor, in that case, you can wash it using detergent and water. Make sure to air dry the mat for at least 12-15 hours.

  • Deep grooves trap litter efficiently
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Cat pee won’t soak in
  • Thick and durable
  • A bit hard to get the litter out of it


How to Choose the Best Cat Litter Box Mat

Here are some important factors that every person need to consider before buying the best cat litter ma:

1. Litter Trapping Ability

The primary reason for putting this point at number is, if a litter mat is bad in capturing debris and fails to ensure the cleanliness of your, home then there is no point in purchasing that litter box mat. There are a few common designs by which the mat traps the litter:

  • Grooves design
  • Tight mesh design
  • Large/Small holes design

Choosing a particular design totally depends upon the type the litter. Some common types of litter are the clay, silica gel crystals, and pine.

2. Gentle on Cat Paws

If your little friend doesn’t like the surface of the mat or if it causes discomfort, then this will result in the spreading of litter all around the house because the cat will directly jump over the mat while coming out of the litter tray. Furthermore, you need to make sure that her claws don’t tangle in the mesh or grooves of the mat.

3. Litter Mat Size

You will find a variety of sizes in the market, and choosing the right size depends upon the space you have at your home. It is good to have a large size mat because your fussy friend won’t be able to leap over it while coming out, and one jumbo size mat can be used for multiple cats. But make sure don’t place it in walkways because this may result in scattering of litter due to tripping.

4. Water-Resistant

When it comes to water-resistance, there are very few mats that are completely water-resistant. One of the major advantages of having such a mat is, it prevents urine from reaching the floor and keeps it safe from pee stains. Additionally, waterproof litter mats are easy to clean as compared to others.

5. Slip-Resistant

Another important feature that I believe is must-have is the slip-resistance of pet litter mat. Such mat stays firmly on the floor and prevents the spreading of debris. If the slip-resistant factor is missing in the mat, then your feline friend can create a lot of mess because when she jumps out of the tray, it will slip and spread litter.

6. Durability

The next thing which is importing in choosing the right pet litter mat is its durability. But how can you find the durability of a product without using it? Well, here are a few points by which you can check whether the product is durable and last longing or not.

  • A mat made of phthalate and BPA free PVC is more durable compared to others.
  • Maintenance also plays a vital role in the durability of a product, so make sure that you have a proper cleaning routine to make your mat long-lasting.
  • Read the buyer’s reviews; the actual user of the product doesn’t lie because he has spent his hard-earned money on the item.

7. Price

While choosing a mat, you need to check whether the cat litter mat is budget-friendly to you or not. A product costing more has something extra to offer, but you need to check your affordability. There are many pet mats that are highly economical and offer great quality.


To put a nut in a shell, having the best pet litter mat at home can be beneficial in keeping your home neat and clean. We have included some of the top cat litter mats in our list that you can have to control the mess that can be generated by a little furry friend. I hope you are going to like our collection, and if you want us to add something, feel free to mention it in the comments.


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